Put your referral in qualified hands

As an owner-managed practice with specialist standards and state-of-the-art technology, we welcome collegial cooperation and a corresponding exchange.

We are always happy to assist you as the referring doctor - as well as our patients. This requires not only optimal treatment in appropriate coordination but also a transparent exchange. We provide all patients with a report on their findings or treatment for further care by you and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

We supplement your own treatment strategy with the following treatments in particular:

  • Removal of impacted teeth e.g. canines and wisdom teeth, exposure of displaced teeth for orthodontic integration
  • Bone-sparing dental surgery
  • minimally invasive root tip resections (retrograde root filling, orthograde root filling - see also endodontics, teeth 37 and 47 can also be preserved using surgically complex methods
  • Maxillary sinus surgery with vestibular bone-sparing access according to Lindorf
  • Transplantation of teeth
  • Mucosal diagnostics (brush biopsy)
  • Focus search for systemic diseases and before operations
  • Dental implants, with vertical and horizontal bone augmentation: Please let us know your planning ideas for the implants. Please provide us with models and X-ray images for planning purposes. Depending on the patient's findings and medical history, we use different strategies to achieve a sufficient and sustainable implant site.
    We use implant systems from the following manufacturers: Camlog, Straumann, Ankylos, Astra Tech
  • Computer-navigated implantology for high precision in backward planning
  • We can guarantee safe and gentle procedures under sedation or in ITN for patients with anxiety. As a rule, a total restoration is then aimed for. We can also perform tooth-preserving procedures such as small fillings and impressions in cases of severe gag reflexes.
  • Endodontics: only as a referral service for which the patient makes a co-payment or as a purely private service with surgical microscope, NiTi machine preparation.
  • Periodontal surgery: vestibuloplasty, connective tissue graft, open curettage. For closed curettage, we work together with a certified dental hygienist.
  • Digital volume tomography (DVT) with a low-radiation device including findings and data carrier, as a basis for navigated implantology - please let us know which program you work with (siCAT, CoDiagnostix, etc.). For clarification of paranasal sinus findings also suitable for ENT.
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