Refer your patients
to qualified hands.

As an owner-managed practice with specialist standards and state-of-the-art technology, we look forward to cooperating and communicating with colleagues.

We are always glad to not only support the patient but also assist you as the physician when you referring patients to us. This requires not only optimum and appropriately coordinated treatment, but also transparency in communication. With this in mind, we provide a diagnosis or treatment report for all patients for further treatment by you, and are always glad to answer any enquiries that you may have.

We apply the following treatments in particular to complement your own treatment strategy:

  • Removal of abnormally developed teeth, e.g. canines and wisdom teeth, exposure of ectopic teeth for orthodontic rehabilitation

  • Tooth surgery that affects the bones as little as possible

  • Minimally invasive root amputation (retrograde root canal filling, orthograde root canal filling – see also endodontics, teeth 37 and 47 can also be retained using complex surgical method

  • Surgery of the maxillary sinus with vestibular access to protect the bones using the Lindorf method

  • Tooth transplants

  • Mucosa diagnosis (brush biopsy)

  • Focus diagnosis for systemic diseases and before operation

  • Tooth implants, including with vertical and horizontal bone reconstruction: Please notify us of your expected plans for the implants. Please provide us with models and x-ray images for planning; we will use various strategies to ensure that the implant is adequately and sustainably positioned, depending on the diagnosis and medical history of the patient.

  • We use implant systems from the following manufacturers: Camlog, Straumann, Ankylos, Astra Tech

  • Computer-navigated implantology for high precision in backward planning

  • We can guarantee the performance of operations under sedation or under full anaesthetic administered via endotracheal tube for patients with dental fear. We then generally strive to perform a full dental restoration. We can also perform procedures aimed at preserving teeth, including small fillings and moulding where the patient suffers from severe urges to gag.

  • Endodontics: Only as a referred service where the patient is making an additional payment or as a purely private service with an operating microscope, automatic NiTi processing.

  • Periodontal surgery: Vestibuloplasties, connective tissue transplants, open curettage. In the case of closed curettage, we cooperate with a certified dental hygienist.

  • Cone beam computer tomography (CBCT) with a low-radiation device, including diagnosis and storage medium as basis for navigated implantology – in this connection, please notify us which program you use (siCT, CoDiagnostix etc.) Also suitable for ENT medicine in the case of sinus-related diagnoses.